Relaunch News

The show has been on a hiatus for a couple of months, but I’m happy to say that over the next few weeks I’ll be relaunching the show as a part of a new site being launched by Eliot Higgins, the creator of the Brown Moses Blog.

The show will be similar to it’s previous format, but with two changes: instead of one interview per show, each episode will have 2-3 separate interviews covering different topics related to current events in the Middle East. Also, the show will have a much more regular schedule, with new episodes being released weekly. The shows will still focus on in-depth discussion and analysis on important issues in the region, but with a regular release schedule each episode will be more topical than before.

New episodes will continue to be released via this RSS feed, so if you are already subscribed to the podcast you don’t have to do anything; the new episodes will show up as soon as they are released. Until the new site goes up you’ll also be able to find them on the website, Middle East Week, and by following me on twitter: @KarlMorand.