Algeria Before & After Election Day

Yasmine Ryan comes on the show to discuss Algeria’s post-civil war history, the political situation in Algeria, and Algeria’s importance in the MENA region. We also discuss Bouteflika’s rise to power and recent reelection as president in Algeria.

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Yemen’s Divisions & Revolution

Sama’a Al-Hamdani joins me to discuss the background of Yemen’s 2011 revolution, as well as the religious, tribal, and geographic divisions that have shaped events in Yemen. We also discuss Yemen’s economic problems, challenges that Yemeni’s face in day-to-day life, and the government’s inability to solve the problem of terrorism in Yemen.

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Libya: Oil & Politics

Matthew Reed discusses the oil crises in Libya, as well as political problems that post-Qaddafi Libya has faced. We cover the causes of the oil crisis, its economic effects, the federalist movement in Libya, and the Libyan central government’s lack of control and authority.

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Jihadis on Twitter

J.M. Berger discusses jihadi groups use of Twitter, and social media in general. Topics include how jihadi organizations and individuals take advantage of the medium, responses of social media companies to terrorist activity on their platforms, and how governments have responded to the growth in social media use by jihadis.

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