Understanding the Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Dina Esfandiary comes on the show to talk about the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran, including many issues that aren’t explained well (or at all) in news reports. Topics covered include:

  • Netanyahu’s speech to congress and Israeli objections to a deal
  • The issue of a “sunset clause” in the deal being negotiated
  • Major obstacles the negotiations still need to overcome, and what is most likely to cause them to fail
  • Problems with focusing on breakout time, and what the various centrifuge numbers being discussed really mean
  • Details on the sanctions Iran has faced, and what could happen as they are removed
  • How Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, view the ongoing negotiations
  • What could happen if a deal isn’t reached by the upcoming deadlines
  • How the Supreme Leader and the Iranian public view the negotiations


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Transcript of this episode – produced by Frederick Wertz