Human Rights Abuses in Saudi Arabia

David Andrew Weinberg comes on the show to talk about human rights in Saudi Arabia. We covered many topics including:

  • What are the most pressing human rights issues in Saudi Arabia?
  • How much influence does the U.S. have to affect change on Saudi human rights issues?
  • Saudi policies that have lead to, or perpetuated, human rights abuses in other Middle Eastern countries
  • The strategic implications of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record
  • What it takes to get changes implemented in Saudi Arabia
  • How the U.S. can push for change without jeopardizing its relationship with Saudi Arabia


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India’s Middle East Foreign Policy

Shashank Joshi comes on the show to talk about India’s Middle East foreign policy. Topics we covered include:

  • Importance of remittances from Indians living in the Middle East
  • India’s relationship with Israel
  • Why India sees an “advantage in obscurity” in deciding its Middle East strategies
  • Indian hostages in Iraq and India’s inability to effectively respond to the situation
  • India’s need for a “Look West” policy in addition to “Look East”
  • India’s relationship with Iran and Saudi Arabia


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Saudi Judicial Reform

Ahmed Al Omran, a well known Saudi journalist and blogger, joins me to discuss judicial reform and human rights in Saudi Arabia. Al Omran runs Saudi Jeans and Riyadh Bureau, and his writing has been featured in the Guardian, the New York Times, and Foreign Policy Magazine. The issues discussed include:

  • Overview of Saudi judicial system
  • Legal safeguards for people accused of a crime
  • Recent protests about prisoner treatment
  • Salman al-Odah’s open letter
  • Recent appointment of 30 women to Shoura Council
  • Debate on women’s right to drive

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